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Icon Autosport was established in May 2007. We are an Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) licensed dealership and a member of the Used Car Dealers Association of Ontaro (UCDA).

We carry an inventory of vehicles which include iconic, classic, performance and luxury vehicles. We also offer a wholesale vehicle locating service.

The vehicle locating service sources vehicles primarily from early lease returns offered directly from companies such as Mercedes Financial, Toyota Credit Canada, Honda Credit Canada, and just about every car manufacturer's financial/leasing departments.

Icon Autosport is also able to source vehicles at wholesale prices from the U.S. This can be a worthwhile alternative when the Canadian dollar conversion rate is favorable, or when a disparity exists between what that particular model sells for in the U.S. in comparison to locally. We streamline buying a vehicle from the U.S. by confirming Canadian admissibility, arranging transportation, handling importation, looking after vehicle modification to comply with Canadian requirements and having the vehicle registered and plated in your name.

Recognized for our expertise within the industry, Icon Autosport has been contracted by new car franchises such as Freeway Ford and Morningside Nissan to source high quality vehicles for their pre-owned vehicle departments. Our services include a comprehensive approach, which include sourcing select quality vehicles, professional photography and a competitive re-marketing strategy. 

Maintenance & repair - take advantage of Icon Autosport's expertise to look after your vehicle without overspending. Let us guide you as to what repairs are necessary with proper diagnostic technique as opposed to the guessing game that all too many repair facilities tend to employ at your cost. We can pick up your vehicle from your home or work place, have the repairs addressed all while keeping you up to date as to what is required and what you can expect to pay out.

Looking to personalize your vehicle, Icon Autosport can help with performance upgrades including custom wheel & tire packages, brake upgrades, suspension tuning, cold air intakes, performance exhaust, custom gauges. Checkout our product lines for the brands we are able to supply at awesome prices. Making the right choices can enhance the look and drive of your vehicle remarkably, rely on our years of experience to give your vehicle the look and feel you are after.